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  1. Kondengui Food Drive. To help feed jailed activists.

  2. Fallen heroes Fund. To help families of those killed in the line of the struggle.

  3. Medical Assistance Fund. To help victims requiring medical or psychological support.

  4. Media Fund. To help procure original copyright content surrounding the struggle and our actions.

  5. Aid to assist leaders on the run.

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JULY 20-22, 2017
Focus Group Discussions(TBA)
Civil Protests(TBA)

Kondengui Food Drive

During the course of this struggle hundreds of activists have been arrested and jailed at penitentiaries all over the country. Most of them are housed at the Yaounde Central prison widely known by the name of the town where the prison was built, Kondengui. To complement the often inadequate nutrition given to the prisoners, AAG is running a project to feed the jailed activists. Through a subcontractor, food is delivered to the prisoners directly and regularly. This project also permits AAG to monitor the physical, social and psychological well being of the inmates.

If you are a professional in the food and delivery business and are interested in being a contractor or you are just interested in being a donor, please contact us toll free at 1855 230 0622 or click here

Fallen Heroes 

This struggle has already claimed hundreds of lives and many more continue to die daily. AAG is here to assist the families who have lost loved ones. Most of these fallen heroes are often in the prime of their lives and therefore the main bread winners of their families. Their loss therefore translates into significant drop in income earnings for their families who are left behind to mourn. To these families, AAG is a breath of fresh air. Through our local representatives, we meet with these families, pray with them and offer financial assistance. If you are a community or social worker interested in assisting us help the families of our fallen heroes or you just want to donate please contact us.

Medical Assistance

This struggle has produced and is continuing to produce many victims with medical and psychological injuries requiring treatment and therapies.

AAG is partnering with local medical professionals to assess and treat these cases on inpatient and outpatient bases.

If you are a medical professional in Cameroon and wish to contract with AAG to provide medical assistance to victims of this struggle, please Contact us.

Media Fund

AAG is looking to partnering with freelance media practitioners in Cameroon for original content production. AAG will ensure that every audio or video on our website has been thoroughly vetted for authenticity. You will know exactly where each video or audio was shot, who shot it, when and where it was done and the identities of the individual featured on it.

Are you a media practitioner who wants to work with AAG or wish to help in other ways?, please Contact us for possible partnerships.

Aid To Assist Leaders on the Run.

Many activists have been forced to flee Cameroon and are now refugees in other countries. AAG is providing them with assistance to begin life anew in these foreign lands. Do you wish to support this project? Please, Contact us.


AAG is engaging in a vast network of Communication, Finance, Accounting, Transportation, Religious and Clerical duties. If your interest or expertise is in this area, please email us at



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